About The Local Art Gallery

The Local Art Gallery is a division of The Local Art Scene, a nationwide website that supports art and artists in over 700 regions across the UK.

The Local Art Gallery is our sales platform where new and emerging artists can promote and sell their work direct to their customers, without the hassle of creating and maintaining their own website.


  • Artwork Uploads
    As part of your annual membership, you can upload 20 of your artworks at any given time
  • 0% Commission
    We don't charge a commission for you selling your artwork displayed on our gallery
  • Customers Contact You Direct
    If a customer wants to buy your art, they will contact you direct to make payment and arrange collection or delivery options
  • Help when you need it
    If you need help uploading your artworks, we can do it for you at no extra cost
  • Your own online gallery
    Your customers can read up about you, see all your work for sale in one place and share you pages on social media

How our site works
You can add and upload your artwork or we can do it for you.

Once your gallery is complete, we will promote, advertise and share you and your art to our growing network of followers and database of art buyers. We do all the hard work that you don't want to do.

Share your pages on your social media and direct traffic to your online gallery

Annual Membership

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