Julia Heissig

Julia Heissig
Artist Statement: 

My aim is to convey to the viewer the mood, atmosphere, and emotions I felt when first encountering an image. I hope to achieve this by the use of colour, shape and texture.

On my travels I have developed a wide interest in many things, particularly doors. I am drawn to the texture of old buildings and the colours of peeling paint on old doors. I hope my art stimulates the imagination of the viewer and encourages people to wonder what lurks behind the doors. Do they lead somewhere or no-where? I work mostly in oil on board using a palette knife and brush and anything I thinks will give the required effect.

I also love nature and all things natural,seascapes and wild places. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and am sometimes surprised with the outcome.

I have exhibited locally in St Barbe Museum in Lymington, The Regent Centre, Christchurch, The Red House Museum, Christchurch, Forest Arts, New Milton, Lymington Arts Festival.

I belong to Milford Art Group and have exhibited in their exhibition. I also belong to the New Forest Art Society and the The Local Art Scene based in Lymington and participate in Art in the Yard and Hampshire open studio.

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