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The Local Art Gallery is a social enterprise that supports artists by helping them with their local marketing, online activity, art sales, social media and seeking out opportunities to display their work. The community art gallery is a division of The Local Art Scene, which supports local art in over 700 communities across the UK and worldwide.

Join us and display your art for sale here!
Retrieve your artwork from under the bed, the back of the cupboard or the loft and display them here for everyone to see!

Artists from all areas welcome!
Although we are based in Hampshire, our online gallery has a national and international reach and artists from all regions can join our online community.

The Online Gallery | Buy Direct From The Artist
This website is an online shop, where customers can shop for local art for sale. They have the option of contacting the local artist direct to purchase their work, or they can purchase using our online payment gateway. In the case of an online purchase, commission is payable to The Local Art Scene @ 20% of the sales value. Where a customer purchases direct from the artist, there is no commission to pay.

Cost per item = £10 each

Please change the quantity field below for your additional items.


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