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Marion Lewis New Forest Artist
Marion Lewis
Acrylic Paintings | Figurative, Landscapes
Matt Hill New Forest Artist
Matt Hill
Acrylic Paintings | Landscapes

The Local Art Scene Gallery is a division of The Local Art Scene. Our online gallery helps artists from across the UK to expose their work online, where customers can view a catalogue of their work for sale.

Browse through our members' collections of current work for sale. Buy direct from the artist or through our online shop. If you like work by a particular artist, contact the artist or gallery direct to arrange a private view of their work just for you.

Gallery of work for sale by local artists...

By: Marion Lewis
57cm (H) x 47cm (H)
Let Me Have My Lunch in Peace
By: Wendy Thompson
12" (H) x 16" (W)
By: Mike Sullivan
58.4cm (H) x 48.2cm (W)
By: Barbara Jones
70cm (H) x 61cm (W)
Testing the Water
By: Sally Hamilton
30cm (H) x 38cm (W)
Last Night
By: Lindsey Cole
51 x 76 cm
By: Marion Royle
46cm (H) x 46cm (W)
Blue Seed Head Design Bowl
By: Sally Ovenden
8cm (H) x 14cm (W)
Lymington Marshes
By: Sally Hamilton
30cm (H) x 38cm (W)
By: Sandy Barker-Williams
47cm (H) x 36cm (W)
Amongst The Blooms
By: Anna Wright
40.5cm (H) x 30.5cm (W)
The Fisher
By: Lindsey Cole
51 x 76 cm
The Tree
By: Maureen Tait
62cm (H) x 37cm (W)
By: Helen Talbot
30cm (H) x 30cm (W)
Towards Setley
By: Marion Lewis
47cm (H) x 47cm (W)
By: Uma Aslam
61cm x 50cm x 35cm
Forest Winter 1
By: Marion Lewis
47cm (H) x 47cm (W)
Sailing to Windward (Aleboat II)
By: Marion Royle
42.2cm (H) x 40.2cm (W)
Needles From Clifftop
By: Sally Hamilton
38cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Quiet Corner
By: Mike Sullivan
45.7cm (H) x 35.5cm (W)

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